Coconut Rice and Peppered Chicken

Coconut rice Ingredients

2 Coconuts 

Coconut oil/ vegetable oil 

Green chilli 

Scotch bonnet peppers 

Red onions 


Seasoning cubes 

Ground crayfish 




Make your coconut milk. Cut the coconut into small pieces, pour in a blender, add some water & blend. Pour the blended coconut mixture into a sieve to extract the coconut milk. 

Parboil the rice for about 10 minutes, then wash & set aside 

In a clean pot, pour a little coconut/ vegetable oil

( a little as the coconut milk contains some oil). Add your sliced onions, chopped ginger, garlic, green chilli & scotch bonnet. 

Fry for about two minutes then add your chicken broth. Add seasoning cubes, paprika, salt, a little curry, thyme, ground crayfish & any other spice you like & finally the coconut milk. 

Let it come to a boil then add the parboiled rice. Ensure the rice is only slightly covered by the sauce. 

Boil until there’s  no water left and voila! Your coconut rice is ready.

Peppered chicken Ingredients 

Cut chicken parts 





Chicken seasoning 

Seasoning cubes 



Chopped scotch bonnet 


Wash the chicken parts thoroughly, put in a pot. Add seasoning cubes, salt, paprika, curry, thyme, chicken seasoning and onions. Add a little water to allow the spices to permeate into the chicken while steaming.( I usually decant the stock after a little steaming because the stock is usually quite tasty & undiluted at this point)

then I add some more water and one seasoning cube to replace some of the decanted stock. Boil until chicken is soft. 

I usually grill/ fry the chicken after boiling

In another pot, add a little vegetable oil, some chopped  onions, Ginger, garlic. When the onions is translucent, add some chopped tomatoes and scotch bonnet then fry until dry. Its dry when the oil seems to float to the top. Add a little of the chicken stock. Add salt and seasoning cubes as desired, then some more water(not too much

Pour the fried/grilled chicken into the sauce( ensure the sauce almost covers the chicken & then leave to boil together on low heat. 

When you notice the sauce is almost dried and has totally permeated the chicken, take off the fire and turn properly.

Recipe by @noellas_onlinerestaurant

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